One of the best things about being part of an interfaith family is getting to celebrate twice as many holidays as most folks. Tonight that means I’ll be having apples and honey to ring in the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. But in the Jewish religion, Rosh Hashanah is about more than celebrating. It also begins a period of self-examination where we are asked to reflect on our actions in the past year and how we might improve in the next. For those of us brought up in the Catholic Church, this should feel very familiar. I’m looking forward to equal parts celebration and contemplation, and am happy to be blessed with a large family I can always count on to hold me accountable.

The “head of the year” happens to coincide with the end of the primary election season and beginning of the phase when we focus on the November vote in earnest. I’ve been out with our awesome, unified, progressive Democratic candidates at train stations, supporter rallies and knocking on neighbors’ doors, as we band together, roll up our sleeves and see what we can do to assert our values of kindness, inclusion and neighborliness.

This new year, I’m resolving to 1) work as hard as I can to make sure you have the County Legislator you deserve 2) take a few minutes to nosh on a piece of round challah bread!




The Walking Tally

Damon Maher has knocked on 5,687 doors in the service of upholding your Westchester Values. (Door 5778 is right around the corner!)