This is my political platform and I’ll whine if I want to, whine if I want to… 

We did a lot of good things at our last full Board meeting last week, which I’ll report on in the next eblast from my official County account.  But here I’m sorry to tell you that my colleagues, by the margin of one vote, voted for a bond that brought to a total of $6,000,000 the County’s total commitment to “Dominion ICE” voting machines that we don’t need, cost too much, and have a serious security flaw that may jeopardize a fair and auditable election count, which might mean passage of pending State and federal bills to outlaw the machines.  After we spend all this money, the machines may become obsolete soon by a change in technology and/or the trending preference for more of us to vote by mail in the future.  Election integrity activists dubbed those of us who voted NO for the bond issue the “Fearless Five.”  I prefer the also alliterative “Prudent Progressives.”

By the way, an early order of some of these machines were used in the fiasco of a primary back in June – Mamaroneck people will never forget those four hour lines – and did nothing to alleviate the situation, nor help with the problems with mail-in ballots.  The problems the Board of Election had were first and foremost with the numbers, training and allocation of people, not for the most part with machine malfunction.  The fight over these machines will continue here and elsewhere

 Next time this issue comes up in another public forum let’s hope it’s Dominion’s turn to cry, Dominion’s turn to cry.