Republican County Executive Rob Astorino sues to try to force the trouble-plagued operator of Indian Point nuclear reactor to keep it open. Governor Cuomo is quoted according to Lohud as responding:

“Astorino is wrong on the facts, wrong on the law and a hypocrite all at the same time,” Azzopardi said. He said Astorino is “falsely accusing the state of circumventing a process, and then doing an end run around his own legislature to file a frivolous lawsuit that puts at risk the long-term safety of residents.”

Since New York State is also a defendant in the case, this means more taxpayer money spent on lawyers on both sides, just like the futile and long-running fair housing scrap where we’re paying for lawyers on Astorino’s consistently losing side and for the feds.

While he wants to keep the nuclear reactor, Astorino is also promoting a fracked-gas pipeline that will run within 105 feet of the that site, which is also at two geological fault lines!

Eh, What could wrong?