Because there was a line halfway down the hallway at the New Rochelle City Hall annex on Saturday morning, I waited until Sunday to vote with some of my family at a quieter, less well-known polling location around the back of the New Rochelle United Methodist Church on North Avenue across the street from Wykagyl Country Club.

I see this as good news, because it shows turnout is up and, as we Democrats believe, when people vote, Democrats win!  And this year as much as any other, when people vote (small “d”) democrats win.

The reason I didn’t want to wait on line at City Hall on Saturday was that I had some work to do, knocking on doors and canvassing, in various neighborhoods in New Rochelle and Tuckahoe, hitting 281 doors over three days for our terrific slate of Democratic candidates.

Out pressing the flesh. I’m the one with the white beard

I give my complete unequivocal, unqualified and unabashed support to our diligent, empathetic and effective statewide incumbents (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller); our federal representatives in the House and Senate; and seven (!) strongly pro-choice judicial candidates. In other words, Vote Row A all the way! Certainly do not vote for the ticket headed by the guy who voted against certifying the Presidential election.

After you have filled in all the little bubbles next to people’s names on one side of the very long ballot, flip it over and say “YES” to the Environmental Bond Act. Among other things, it provides for investment of hundreds of millions of dollars for equitable remediation of the disproportionate devastation that has historically been visited upon lower-income communities and for EV charging stations for the increased electric cars that will be coming. Your vote will be a message to the generations to come that we took the challenge of climate change seriously and did something about it!

Early voting continues every day this week through Sunday, then “traditional” voting is at your usual polling place on Tuesday, November 8th. 

Please vote!