September 6, 2020

Saturday morning, please join me and the staff and young people of the Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle in a justice march, dribbling basketballs down North Avenue, from the playground just south of the Huguenot Children’s Library to the Lincoln Park hoops.  The national situation is serious and, with each new horrible news report, often discouraging, but we hope this event will bring some uplift and positive energy.  Adults, please show up and bring your ball, your children, and your skills.  It’s important!  Besides, don’t you want to see whether some of us oldsters can still dribble, pass and shoot a basketball?  I’ve been working on my game so I won’t look ridiculous.


Why thoughtful Tuckahoe voters — Democrats, Republicans and independents — will vote to re-elect Omayra Andino and elect Cara Kronen for Village Board…

They’re for open, transparent governing in which all points of view are heard respectfully and people are given the choice to decide on important issues such as convenient dates and places for local elections.  They are not afraid, as our opponents apparently are, to defend our values and view in fair and open debate.
They supported the food pantry for families in need during the worst days of the pandemic and served hundreds of hot meals to seniors and persons with disabilities.  Omayra runs a $60M organization that benefits people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Cara is a university professor with a doctorate in urban planning, with much experience in grant-writing for funding by other levels of government, and has her own small business in Tuckahoe.
With all of this in their professional background, they have already brought to the Village Board the concept and preliminary implementation of seeking federal and State grant money for infrastructure projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — money for investment in our community that prior Village administrations left on the table.