on the campaign trail the past two days with my dedicated biennial canvassing buddies on the Eastchester/Tuckahoe side of the 10th County Legislative District meeting likely voters, then over to Lincoln Avenue in New Rochelle to work with some new young helpers writing get out the vote postcards, 

I have continued to strive toward the second goal of every campaign: Have fun! Of course the first goal is winning!!!

Rewarded as all campaign workers are, whether young or old, with pizza. I got two or three of the children to try some with eggplant…and they loved it!

Then, back in Tuckahoe to celebrate DPW Day, Deb and I got to see up close, at Main Street Park, all of the vehicles and tools of the trade that keep the village in such beautiful shape, separate solids and certain other contaminants from the Bronx River, and direct the waste water from your homes into the County sewage system for sanitary treatment.

An informative historic map that I purchased at the Eastchester Historical Society’s table

Then fun on the West End of New Rochelle, where we had a futbol match to benefit the Boys & Girls Club. Coach Casanova put me in the game way out on the wing where I could just run up and down the sideline and stay out of trouble in what, despite being a coach for many years, is admittedly not one of the sports in which I excel…to say the least. And almost all of the other players were 25 to 50 years younger!

Some familiar faces among the players and supporters


To everyone’s amazement I was able to fool three defenders by chipping a ball over their heads toward the upper left corner of the goal but the ‘keeper leapt and threw up a hand just in time to deprive me of a moment of glory.

And, of course, I VOTED! Early voting has started. I recommend going to the Eastchester Public Library or the New Rochelle United Methodist Church in Wykagyl to avoid lines. 

Now I’m off again to ring more doorbells to get out the vote with my wonderful volunteers. Please VOTE and help me get out the vote, by joining us canvassingcalling voters, or greeting them with me at train stations every morning this week. Thank you!

And last, although it should be first, as I share this LoHud Op Ed from the Democratic Eastchester Now candidates for Supervisor and Town Board, the team I’m proud to be running with in Eastchester, please join me in CONGRATULATING Eileen DeLucia on the birth of her son!