Here’s a summary of my legislative priorities for my new two-year term of office.

    1. Pass Right to Counsel bill for tenants facing eviction.
    2. Finance more Affordable Housing deals throughout the County and raise per-project maximum County housing acquisition and/or infrastructure funds, for AH construction by private developers, to $7.5M.
    3. Incentivize more Supportive Housing construction for young adults aging out of foster care, adults on autism spectrum, homeless families, and those with drug use and other mental health issues.
    4. Incentivize municipalities to adopt and promote aspects of the County’s model zoning code, such as 10% (or higher) AH requirement in new construction or renovation; and, in neighborhoods near mass transit, permission to have ADUs (two-family) in traditionally one-family neighborhoods and reduction in some lot sizes.
    1. Oversight of implementation of Mental Health Response Units and recommended Complaint/Accountability Board.
    2. Continuing support of efforts to keep deadly firearms out of the wrong hands, as well as discussions on procedural issues such as the use of CALEA© standards for County-trained officers relating to vehicular and on-foot stops and pursuits and modern interrogation techniques.
    3. Encourage a more thoughtful disbursal of BJA/Byrne Memorial funds with a focus on community preventive and restorative programs (e.g., My Brother’s Keeper, Opportunity Youth, etc.).
  3. PARKS & REC:  Oversight of ongoing and proposed capital projects, especially:  MV Memorial Field, Glen Island Bridge, and Playland.
  4. BOARD OF ELECTIONS:  Follow-up on how voting tally errors are investigated and handled; future voting machine plans in view of the new Dominion hardware and software products that have been introduced; lack of notice of elections and polling places last year.
    1. Puppy Mill/Retail Ban
    2. Bicycle Helmet Requirement
    3. Madison Grant monument issue