…or whatever it is that Timberland makes its boots out of

I started “pounding the pavement” to get ballot signatures for this primary election season over Presidents’ Day weekend. Some time last week, around door # 1,100, I noticed pieces of the sole of one of my boots starting to peel off. Other people wearing “Timbs” were impressed that I’ve worn through a pair on the campaign trail!

Unfortunately, just a one year warranty

Fortunately, my next planned “doors” were within my apartment building and I switched to sneakers to run up and down between floors to say hello and seek signatures from the 94 registered Democrats on the premises. The building is only a bit over a year old and I am sure there are still people catching up on updating their address and registration.

Also, quite often on the elevator, other tenants ask me about my “Maher for Mayor” button, and I literally give them the elevator pitch that I use at doors cracked open by voters everywhere in New Rochelle and goes more or less like this:

As County Legislator for parts of New Rochelle, as Housing Committee Chair and together with my Democratic colleagues, I’ve gotten millions of County dollars for housing in New Rochelle, and hundreds of thousands for afterschool programs and quality daycare, investments in the future that benefit all people in New Rochelle. With my hard work I have gained the experience and knowledge to help New Rochelle. And I have lived in, and worked with people in, both north and south of the City, so I’m best qualified to follow our retiring Mayor.

Then I listen to people’s concerns. For those in areas where the concern is about property taxes, I tell them that the County portion is as low as it has been in 10 years. Where parking is an issue, I raise some creative solutions that should be explored. Flood mitigation concerns are raised in various low-lying areas and I talk about what the County is doing so far and upcoming steps the city will need to take. I’m learning a lot about what is concerning folks in apartments and houses outside of the areas that I’ve been representing.

Gathering petition signatures with family

I’m enjoying going door to door, greeting old friends in areas of New Rochelle that I’ve represented, and also in the areas I haven’t, so far mostly around my new neighborhood in the south and east, meeting new people and doing a lot of listening. 

And my wife found me a good shoe repair place. She’s the best!