Newsflash:   Another Black Lives Matter lawn sign was stolen from our lawn overnight. I replaced it with two new ones, next time with four, even if I have to start drawing them up by hand again myself.


“Blessed are they who hunger and
Thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be satisfied.”


Did you know that Democratic Party enrollment in Eastchester surpassed that of the Republicans this year for the first time and, as of the end of last week, the margin had already grown to a count of  8,449 to 7,702? *

Did you know that, despite those numbers, there has not been a Democrat on the Eastchester Town Board since 2009?

Did you know that Eastchester is ONLY town in Westchester County that has no Democrats on its Town Board?

Did you know that ALL of the current Town Councilmembers were appointed by Supervisor Colavita?

Disingenuously, the Republicans say local government in about providing services, not politics.

But why then has every appointment that Supervisor Colavita made to the Board been Republican?

Why is the chairman of the local Republican committee also the appointed Town Attorney?

Why do the Republicans seem to think their support for Trump and his far-right, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-gun-control, anti-immigrant ranting aren’t relevant to judging their fairness and wisdom in governing?

The fact is that a discriminatory zoning ordinance that passed when Board candidate Sheila Marcotte was last on the Board with Supervisor Colavita has resulted in litigation that has been ongoing for years, has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and, if not settled, may result in the Town taxpayers’ payment of legal fees forboth sides of the case.

Finally, did you know that the Colavita/Marcotte Team threw out the previous, moderate Republican leadership in Town primaries in the early 2000s?  Here’s what happened then.

If you live in the Town of Eastchester ** and haven’t voted yet, vote tomorrow starting at 6 am. I am proud to say Vote Democrat Row A all the way, from Biden/Harris across the board to Tara Conte for Eastchester Town Board, to end the long, 5-to-0 radical conservative Republican stranglehold on Town government.

If you’d like to phonebank tonight and tomorrow, here are a couple of links for Biden/Harris and tonight any time from 5:30 – 8:30 for Tara Conte.

THIS COMING WEEK LET US HOPE FOR SATISFACTION!  But let’s be prepared for it to take awhile before we have the results.  



Another 7,241 Eastchester voters are registered with one of the minor parties or no party.
** Or elsewhere