Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy!  The man has completely lost it and is no longer fit to serve as a counsel to any client, much less appear as an attorney in court.  His reference to the medieval practice of “Trial by Combat,” more properly called “Wager by Battel” according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is a call to violence to settle a purported legal dispute. This is precisely the opposite of what we lawyers profess to do in our professional oath.

This is certainly no less bizarre than if Giuliani had invoked some of those practices used 1100 years ago, such as trial by the accursed morsel or trial by water.  In the latter, the accused would be thrown in a nearby pond.  The belief was that the pure waters would spew back the “guilty,” but one who sank straight to the bottom would be deemed “innocent.”  A Pyrrhic victory, at best.

Congressman Mondaire Jones, a good friend, brilliant lawyer and former Assistant County Attorney here in Westchester, has joined with Congressman Ted Lieu of California to send a letter requesting that the appropriate Disciplinary Committee commence proceedings to disbar Giuliani.  I wholly endorse that letter and ask you to do the same, especially if you happen to be a member of the New York Bar or
any other jurisdiction.  Here is the address to send your email: AD1-AGC-newcomplaints@nycourts.gov


I received a great outpouring of support from my email calling for Donald Trump to be removed from office. Thank you. We must protect our country.