No, I’m not talking about a trip to the dentist.‎ The ugly space is an unsightly parking lot in New Rochelle and the bridgework is, well, work on a bunch of bridges.

On September 16, the Board of Legislators bonded $2.5 Million and released its interest in a piece of land to a joint venture of Georgica Green Ventures and New Destiny Housing to build a residential tower at 11 Garden Street, a half-block from the NewRo Transit Center. There will be 219 apartment units at rents geared toward a wide range of incomes, for households earning in the range of about $30,000 to $95,000 per year. Included will be some units of supportive housing. And yes, you car people, indoor parking is in the plan! Together with the 14 LeCount project, the County has now facilitated, in New Rochelle’s revived downtown area, private corporate development of over 300 new units of TOD (Transit Oriented Development), where average household income levels overall will be roughly $70-75K, with first units scheduled for occupancy by early 2021.

That Ol’ Man River — in this case the Bronx River — he just keeps rolling along. So, we need and have bridges to cross it and connect east and west in south central Westchester. Many of those bridges are old and decrepit, so on Monday night we approved long-term bonds to repair or re-build 9 bridges, large and small, totaling a little over $36 Million. This work will complement the other County roadwork underway on the Parkway, from Cross County up to Harney Road, as well as the complete overhaul planned for the county-owned part of Main Street in Tuckahoe.

Because the bond rating companies have noticed the financially responsible measures that the Latimer administration has taken, in consultation with the Board of Legislators, our interest payments on bonding should remain very low and save all of us taxpayers money over the long run.

Now that didn’t hurt a bit, did it?