A few years back, we let this kid Caroline Plank, a former college soccer player, join the fastest pack in our NewRo Runners athletic team and she could barely keep up with us. Then, all of sudden, she could. Easily. Pretty soon, she was leaving us all in the dust.

Here she is with me and the amazing-in-her-own-right Kathleen Bonistall at the Lindsey 5K run at Purchase College in October 2016. I wrote about that race last year https://electdamonmaher.com/courage-resilience-kindness/.  In that race, while I was able to best the entire over-60 year old set, Caroline was first OVERALL female. Little did we all know, but she had already bravely made a decision no 27-year-old woman should have to make. Please read the inspiring story of her cancer surgery and recovery. There’s also a beautifully filmed 10-minute video documentary about her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CxKFzW8l9E.

I’m pleased to report that, despite additional medical challenges since all the difficulties reported  in the video and article, Caroline is even faster and stronger than before.

Many thanks again for those of you who were able to attend or otherwise contribute to my first fundraising party for my 2019 reelection campaign.  For those who were unable, well, there will be certainly be many more opportunities to support my campaign as we look forward to the New Year.

I’ve already been out doing what I do best, walking neighborhoods and ringing doorbells and going to community events to meet and listen to my constituents, along with continuing to build a record of legislative achievement incorporating progressive values and prudent stewardship of taxpayer funds.

I wish all of you a happy new year!